5 Signs a Home Is The Right Fit

Today’s smart buyers know that a home’s “property fit” is less about price and simple square footage and more about meeting your needs today and for years to come.

There’s room for change

Put on your visionary hat and think about the space you might need in the next 7-10years. Consider how these life events could influence your choice:

  • Marriage or moving in together
  • Having or adopting kids and animals
  • Kids leaving for college or their own homes
  • Adult kids or other family moving in

The maintenance won’t break you

The cost of owning a home can vary greatly based on home’s region, condition, construction date and other factors. Before you buy, talk to your local real estate expert about the average maintenance cost of homes in your neighborhoods of interest.

You really want to tackle repairs

Get firm estimates of the time, effort, and dollars involved in turning your potential home into your dream space. Also, ask your agent about home warranties that can minimize your exposure to future repair costs.

It offers lifestyle-friendly fees

Ownership association fees can be a great investment if the benefits have value to you. For example, if you hate routine lawn maintenance, a monthly fee is a small price to pay to avoid it.

It works with your commute

Factor in all the places you frequent including work, schools, the grocery store, and other amenities and decide if the distance works for you.