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Selling your home shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Whether you are looking to relocate to another state, downsize to a smaller home or upsizing to a bigger home, I will be by your side to guide you through the process. My market knowledge, marketing strategies, and full time dedication to you allows me to sell your home quickly and hassle free. Visit the my selling strategy to learn more.

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Buying a home is an exciting experience that promises home ownership, a chance to plant your roots, and leave something for generations to come. It can, however, be a stressful experience when you’re experiencing difficuties obtaining a loan or you can’t find the perfect home that gives you “the feels”. That’s where I come in. Allow me to guide you through this process, offering you expert advice as you navigate the lending market by suggesting loan providers, and through the home buying process by finding the best neighborhoods and home for you and helping you make an offer on the one you like.

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Got Bad Credit and Little Down Payment? There’s Still Hope!

We are far down the road from the no doc loans before 2008. You just needed, then, to fog a mirror to qualify for a loan. You think I’m joking, but you didn’t need to show income, and you didn’t need accurate or truthful documents to qualify. In fact, lenders would...
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How to Spot The Best Neighborhood For Your Furry Friend

Dogs make wonderful pets. Petting a dog on your lap, slows the dog’s heartbeat and sooths and calms you. You receive unconditional love from a dog. If you are moving to a new neighborhood you want to make sure that your dog will be happily welcomed to his new home....
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Home Prices Are Recovering From The Depression

The Denver Post reports, “Nearly 99 percent of homes in metro Denver have regained or surpassed the prices from their pre-recession peak, according to an analysis by Trulia. The same survey shows nationally, just 34.2% of all homes have recovered to their...
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Best Paint Colors to Use When Selling Your Home

What are the Best Paint Colors to Use When Selling Your Home? If you look online for recommendations to get a house ready for sale, one of the first things on the list is paint! Paint the front door and then move inside and paint all surfaces that have been painted in...
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